Can you buy before selling? Not a Question!

In this low inventory market have you wished you could find a home, buy it, then get yours ready to sell?  You might ask, "How? That seems backwards right?"  You're thinking, "If I put my home on the market and can't find "the one" to buy I'll be forced to either try to lease back from my buyer or, yikes, move in with family!  Or what if I do it the other way? Find a home before I list mine."  Well, unless you are super stong financially and can buy without selling (most can't go this route) you are stuck making weak offers that may not get accepted. 

What if I told you there might be another option?  What if you could find your dream home, buy it without selling yours first, get moved, then get yours ready to put on the market and get top dollar?  Sound interesting?  It should!

Now you're thinking, "But I can't qualify for both notes, so it's a moot point right?"  Hold on. What if I told you that you could get qualified, and your current mortgage not be part of the debt against you? Ever heard of that? Me either until recently! We just closed one with a buyer, and now they are preparing their home for the market, and will get top dollar for it.

If this sounds interesting to you, give me a call anytime. Our team is ready to help and would love to speak to you about this awesome program most aren't even aware of. 

Danny Freeman

Cell: 901-406-3224

Office: 901-372-3690

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