December Numbers

Selling or buying a home is as personal a thing as someone can do. It's your nest, it's your base, and it's your safe place when the world is crazy. Only you know when it's time to make a move. I like to keep you informed with the numbers so here goes...

Overall greater Memphis market (residential only) has 3578 active properties. Of these, 1300 are active for sale, and 2278 are pending.

By area, Bartlett has 28 active with 110 pending. Lakeland, 16 active with 52 pending. Arlington, 13 active and 58 pending. Germantown, 33 active and 67 pending. Collierville 48 active 153 pending. Fayette county has 47 active and 153 pending, and Tipton county has 52 active and 116 pending.

If you are a seller, these numbers are awesome with prices up, competition low (we are way low on number of homes for sale) and less negotiations. For the buyers, it's more competitive. You really need an awesome lender and a responsive, knowledgeable, consistently producing real estate agent. It has never been more important than today to have quality people on your side.

Well, there's the numbers. As long as rates are low and inventory is low, the sellers have the control. Markets historically change every few years. We're getting close!

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