Are the Holidays a good time to sell?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions, and people are surprised at my answer. Believe it or not, the fall and winter holidays can be a great time to get on the market.

First, most homes are decorated for the season and can have a very warm, inviting feel to them. This is a huge plus whenever you are considering selling. Second, inventory is low so buyers have less to pick from. Third, any buyers looking at your home right now really DO need to move, unlike some spring and summertime buyers. If its 30 degrees out and you have showings you can bet they need a home!!!

All that sounds good, but what else do I have to back that up? I have been selling homes over 35 years, and the last quarter of the year is always one of my best quarters. So, if you are even considering a move, you might want to consider now, before the spring rush sets in! 

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